Many drugs remain legal after "bath salts" ban

By Matthew Perrone

Associated Press

Published: Wednesday, July 25 2012 8:41 a.m. MDT

Under the law, anyone convicted of selling, making or possessing 28 synthetic drugs, including bath salts, will face penalties similar to those for dealing traditional drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Those on the front lines say the legislation is a good start. But they don't expect new laws to dramatically curb use of bath salts in the near term.

"The problem is these drugs are changing and I'm sure they're going to find some that are a little bit different chemically so they don't fall under the law," said Dr. Smith, the Tennessee doctor. "Is it adequate to name five or 10 or even 20? The answer is no, they're changing too fast."

Associated Press Writer Vicki Smith contributed to this report from Morgantown, W.Va

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