This home, located in western New York, was built circa 1818. It was owned and occupied by James Pine and his family. A plaque on the home seen here indicates that Brigham Young and his family once lived in the home and that Elizabeth, the first child of Miriam and Brigham, was born in the home in September 1825.

The plaque was attached to the home decades ago by a local historian, but his sources are not yet fully known.

However, Richard Lambert of the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation has located correspondence from Brigham Young to Mr. and Mrs. Pine that provides definitive evidence that the Young family did, in fact, live in the home. James Pine operated a tavern about a block away.

Tradition holds that Brigham Young married Miriam Works on that site, which was situated next to the original Erie Canal. The privacy of the current owner of the home and neighbors should be respected.