'Apostate' challenges radical FLDS sect with civil rights lawsuit

By John M. Glionna

Los Angeles Times (MCT)

Published: Wednesday, July 18 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT

Someone cut openings in the fences at Wyler's stable, allowing horses to bolt, and he suspected FLDS members. The marshal's office was no help.

"The officers would come out and say, 'Well, this fence has clearly been cut, but we're going to fine you $25 for each horse on the loose,'" he said.

Wyler said his teenage son Marvin was injured once when a church youth ran him over with a horse. The boy's crime: wearing a short-sleeve shirt, which is forbidden by the sect.

"I told my son these church kids don't realize what they're doing," he recalled. "I said that intolerance isn't born into people; it's taught."

Though outnumbered, Wyler remains defiant. "When I was a boy, I was taught that 'apostate' was the worst word you could ever be called," he said. "But now I'm one of them, and I couldn't care less. I'm actually proud of it."

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