Jeff Benedict: Deseret News Exclusive: ABC '20/20' special on 'Heaven' will include Mormon perspective

Published: Tuesday, July 3 2012 1:20 p.m. MDT

"I found her lovely, fascinating and articulate," Elder Walker said. "It seemed more like a conversation than an interview. Perhaps that's one of the reasons she's such a remarkable interviewer."

After the interview, Elder Walker gave Walters a brief tour of the building and walked along Columbus Avenue with her, which drew a crowd of spectators.

"Elder Walker was perfectly charming and delightful," Walters said. "I think he could convert anyone."

When it was time for Walters to leave, a cab pulled up to the temple to pick her up. A light rain had started to fall and Elder Walker instinctively grabbed a coat that he held above Walters like a makeshift umbrella. Then he escorted her to the car.

As she ducked into the back of the cab, Walters turned to him and said: "See you in heaven."

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