I would like to reply to Karlo Perica's letter ("Finally affordable care," Readers' Forum, June 30).

Of course Perica is "thrilled to see the Supreme Court uphold the Affordable Care Act." He is a medical student and will be able to charge high fees for his services, since it will be paid for by a third party that will not challenge his fees.

The first questions that have to be asked are these: Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable? Who is going to be paying the bills? Does the money just come out of the sky?

No, the average American will have to be taxed to pay for it and a large number of the people using the services will not have to pay because they will be exempt from the act. The reason medical services cost so much today is because doctors are able to bill an insurance company. If people had to pay for the services out of their own pockets, doctors would not be able to charge the fees they charge.

Good luck America. We're in for a wild ride.

Jim Ivie