Campus briefs: Cristal Turner reunites with Jerry Finkbeiner at Utah State

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Published: Thursday, June 21 2012 11:46 p.m. MDT

Aubrie Haymore, Jr., PE Teaching, 3.70

Katelyn Heiner, GRAD, Masters of Business Administration, 3.97

Kylie Hirschi, So., Exercise Science, 3.54

Spela Hus, Sr., International Business, 3.05

Jessie Nielsen, Sr., Family Consumer Human Development, 3.27

Jessie Parker, Sr., Nutrition & Food Sciences, 3.79

Kim Quinn, Sr., Environmental Studies, 3.05

Alisa Sheffer, Sr., Exercise Science, 3.65

Lindsey Spencer, Sr., Masters of Health and Human Movement Science, 3.26

Rachelle St. Jeor, Sr., Interdisciplinary Studies, 3.72

Bailee Whitworth, Jr., Nutrition & Food Sciences, 3.41

Men's Outdoor Track and Field

Eric Follett, RS Sr., Interdisciplinary Studies, 3.90

Daniel Howell, Sr., Wildlife Sciences & Rangeland Resources, 3.96

John Johnson, Sr., International Business, 3.50

Tyler Killpack, RS Sr., Entreprenuership, 3.29

Brian McKenna, GRAD, Masters of Psychology, 3.42

Kyle McKenna, Jr., Music, 3.97

Jordan McMurray, RS Sr., Accounting, 3.45

Hunter Nelson, Sr., Finance, 3.11

Mikey Payne, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.28

Silas Pimentel, Jr., Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.43

James Rohwer, So., Public Health, 3.91

Reagan Ward, So., Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.70



Breyanna Aufiero, Fr., Biology, 3.57

Kaitlyn Betts, Fr., Undeclared, 3.56

Ashley Follett, Fr., Undeclared, 3.60

Sarah Landes, Fr., Exercise Science, 4.00

Susan Miller, Fr., Undeclared, 3.50

Samantha Wagner, Fr., Psychology, 3.46


Brooke Larsen, Fr., Psychology, 3.54

Lexie Morgan, Fr., Exercise Science, 3.61


Christine Thomsen, Jr., Sociology, 3.63

Men's Tennis

Curran Wearmouth, Fr., Geology, 3.31

Women's Tennis

McKenzie Davis, Fr., Undeclared, 3.44


Will Davis, Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies, 3.31

Tyler Bennett, Jr., Sociology, 3.19

Women's Cross Country

Brittany Bushman, Fr., Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.54

Women's Track and Field - Indoor

Brittany Bushman, Fr., Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.54

Laycee Elliott, Fr., Nutrition & Food Sciences, 3.81

McKenzie Johnson, Fr., Exercise Science, 3.44

Rachel Orr, Fr., Exercise Science, 3.41

Kayla Sagers, Fr., Exercise Science, 3.73

Cree Phillips Taylor, Fr., English Teaching, 3.97

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