Doug Robinson: Utah vs. BYU football game should continue

Published: Monday, June 18 2012 11:02 p.m. MDT

They should do it because they never run from a fight and believe they will win the game anyway.

They should do it because Ron McBride worked hard to turn it into a real rivalry in which the Utes won their share of games against the Cougars, and it just seems wrong to turn their backs on them now that they are in a big-time conference.

They should do it so they can decide who is the best team on the field, not with endless, tiresome arguments among fans via blogs.

They should do it because other rivalries flourish even though they belong to different conferences — Florida and Florida State, Colorado and Colorado State, Georgia and Georgia Tech. They should do it because USC, a Pac 12 school, still plays Notre Dame, an independent like BYU.

They should do it because money and TV shouldn't be allowed to disrupt a natural rivalry with such a rich tradition.

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