Romney won't say he'll overturn immigration order

By Kasie Hunt

Associated Press

Published: Sunday, June 17 2012 8:33 a.m. MDT

—He described himself as "not a guy that's going for the next step in my political career. I don't have a political career. I served as governor for four years. I spent my life in the private sector. The private sector is where I've made my mark. I am in this race because I want to get America back on the right track. I don't care about re-elections." Moderator Bob Schieffer asked, "So you're not saying you just intend to serve one term?" Romney replied that for him "this is not about politics. This is not about did I win this or did they win this. This is about what can we do to get America right." He added, "We've got to have people who are willing to put aside the partisanship, stop worrying about the next elections, and say, 'You know what? We've got to fix the country fast.'"

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