Text of debate between Sen. Orrin Hatch, Dan Liljenquist on KSL's Doug Wright Show

Published: Saturday, June 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Orrin Hatch: Well, it's interesting. He talks about S-chips and he voted for the expansion of S-chips that I voted against. I mean, I don't think that's a fair comment. I might add, with regard to Utah companies, look, I'm shameless with regard to supporting Utah companies. And in the case of Raser Technologies, I didn't get any money for Raser Technologies. They got it on a competitive grant. It's a shame that it didn't work out, but we thought it might work out. They still have the car that we'll get somewhere close to 100 miles to the gallon. I just hope that they are successful. They're a Utah company. I tried to help them. No question.

Doug Wright: We have another question and this one came from one of our texters and this is addressed to both of you, as all of the questions will be. This one will go to Dan Liljenquist first. To both candidates, you, he capitalized that, what are you personally, and individually going to do to reverse this environment and then he gives both of your word of advice please do not blame the other side we have all heard that quite enough.

Dan Liljenquist: Doug, that is a huge frustration of mine and its a frustration I've gone on this campaign and said look, it's Republicans and Democrats who've got us into this mess you heard the senators quite remarkable statement right there where he just said that Raser Technology because it's Utah company I'm going to fight for them. But just months ago when Solyndra blew up and a $503 million loan from the federal government evaporated much like the loans to Raser evaporated, had Solyndra been a Utah company would you have fought for them too? Look, we are picking winners and losers in Congress with unproven business plans spending a generations worth of wealth of people who havent even been able to vote and it has been Republicans and Democrats its the hypocrisy of people who go back and point to the other side and point to other people when their own votes belie that fact and I look at that and I say that's what's wrong. Look Doug, in the state of Utah we got pensions and medicaid reform done and medicaid was unanimous because these issues are not partian issues they are reality issues and I went to every member of the legislature and worked with them individually to get their support.

Doug Wright: Senator Hatch.

Orrin Hatch: I think Dan did a good job on that, on the other hand, uh, he still left the problem of $4.6 billion that, uh, that is unfunded liability for those who are currently on pensions and there's no solution to that at least that I can see from the work that he's done. But be that as it may, I'll compliment him on that but look some of the Republicans have fought our hearts out to try and get spending under control, to do the things that are right I've led the balanced budget amendment fight I think some 24 times and even when we don't win it's worthwhile leading it because that means that Democrats and others who are against it have to stand up and vote and the American people can make their decisions there but I will always fight. I'm not gonna back down from fighting for Utah companies I would not have fought for Solyndra, that was a boondoggle and everyone knew it. In the case of Raser Technology it looked like they had a really excellent way of getting geo-thermal energy out of the ground and there's a lawsuit over it because they feel that the people who provided the equipment on that did not live up to their terms. But that was like a $30 million competitive grant that I had nothing to do with that I think my colleague seems to want to blame me for. Let me just say this, I fought for Utah, I fought for this country, I fought for balanced budget amendments, I fought to get spending under control, and I'll be in a position to really do it and that's why im running again and I think that's why a majority of people in Utah are going to support me.

Doug Wright: And your 30-second rebuttal.

Dan Liljenquist: Senator, you cannot hold the balanced budget amendment in one hand and wave it around and pass in the other hand bill after bill after bill that makes it impossible for my generation to balance that budget, you cannot do that. When you say we left liability on pensions left, you know what, it's going to take us years to clean out the pension system, but you know what we did, we passed ground breaking legislation, thats considered model legislation for the country that actually looks out 30 years from now and gets us on the right path. You know what, I've been looking for leadership on those issues and I have not seen it.

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