Text of debate between Sen. Orrin Hatch, Dan Liljenquist on KSL's Doug Wright Show

Published: Saturday, June 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Doug Wright: We are so wrap a lot of the, uh, the major issues but there is obviously so much more but I — we had an interesting question that was posed by one of our texters who said "I hope you reserve the opportunity at the end of the debate for the candidates to ask a question without rebuttal to each other." And so lets let's do that. I think we go now to uh to Senator Hatch on this one. What is the question you'd like to ask of Dan Liljenquist?

Orrin Hatch: Well I don't really have any questions I'd care to ask of him. I think Dan's a fine fellow. I think he did a pretty good job in the two years, I think two or three years he was in the state legislature. That doesn't necessarily translate into doing a fine job back in (unintelligible) I feel like he'd be OK. The problem is, is that he's been quoting FreedomWorks which is the sleaziest bunch I had ever seen in my life that is distorted and many of the things that Dan has said here today are distortions of the record. Thats been hard to take, but, uh, I wish him well in this election but I'll tell you this when we intend to win we intend to represent Utah we intend to make this state even more powerful than it is and Let me tell you something I'm not just blowing smoke here, I literally know this is the greatest state in the union.

Doug Wright: We'll have a closing statement in a moment, Dan very quickly...

Dan Liljenquist: I think I missed the question there... (unintelligible, multiple speaking)

Dan Liljenquist: Look, I have a question, do you consider yourself responsible in any way for the national debt that has exploded in your time in Washington?

Orrin Hatch: Frankly no, I've led the fight against the debt from day one and I'm offended that you keep bringing it up like I'm responsible for all the things that are wrong in America. How about a little of the things that are right, Dan? Am I responsible for those too? A lot of them I am.

Doug Wright: Alright we have just enough time for a two-minute closing statement from each. Let me use this opportunity to thank you both. For coming in the studio, I'm honored you'd agree to this venue, I appreciate it very much, I hope it's been useful to not only our listeners here on KSL but i hope its been useful to the voters of the state of Utah. And because of the luck of the coin toss, which by the way was a BSA coin. Boy scouts of America. Your challenge coin. We will start with Dan Liljenquist.

Dan Liljenquist: You know that last question Doug, and the answer is absolutely remarkable. Remarkable. We've had a generation of people back there who will not take a single shred of responsibility for a single vote even though they voted multiple times to spend money we didn't have. I watched a TV interview with you Senator Hatch in the fall where you were asked by a TV reporter about spending and your answer when they talked about Medicare Part D was we were spending a lot of money back then that we didn't have. So to argue and to sit here and tell the people of this state that you had nothing to do with the run up in debt of this country is disingenuous, it's not right. Now look, I am not trying to point fingers at one person. I am frustrated with the generation of politicians who have shifted power to Washington, who while we went around our lives and lived our lives, ran up the largest debt and crushing debt in the history of mankind. And it's not hypothetical to me and the people that I know in this state who realized they're gonna have to pay for it with nothing to show. And we need new leaders in Washington, who are determined to go and fix it. I am. I have done that here in ways that nobody has done before in all of United States with pensions and Medicade. Saving the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars over the years to come. By the way folks that we don't have I will do that in Washington we need new leaders to do it we need new generation back there who will see the day when we either succeed or fail, based on the decision today and i plan to be there. Go to DanForUtah.com, get involved in our race. We would love your help and we need every vote, thank you.

Doug Wright: Senator Hatch.

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