Obama and Romney go head-to-head on Twitter

Published: Wednesday, June 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Our take: Obama is not only outdoing Romney in Twitter followers, but also in the amount of influence he has on Twitter. However, Romney's followers tend to be in a higher income bracket than Obama's.

President Obama has more than 5,000 times the pull, or influence, than the average Twitter account, compared to Mitt Romney at 466 times the average. That means Obama has 12 times the influence of Romney. That seems like a clear win in the Obama column until you consider that Obama has 30 times the followers that Romney does, meaning Romney is doing a better job of influencing his smaller audience.

Can the candidates Twitter following tell us anything about their chances come Election Day? According to PeekAnalytics, a higher percentage of Romneys followers come from crucial battleground states, save Ohio.

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