It provides an interesting contrast to compare the winning election campaign of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with the ongoing campaign of Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch. While Walker, after less than two years in office, chose to display his accomplishments as the reason to overthrow his attempted recall, Hatch, with 35 years in Washington, relies on promises of future actions to support his re-election.

Walker replaced a $3.5 billion budget deficit with a $90 million surplus. Hatch promises to cut spending, balance the Federal budget and repeal Obamacare — but only if he's chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which requires the Republicans to win control of the U.S. Senate.

Hatch's TV ads picture him on various occasions with former president Ronald Reagan, with Mitt Romney and with fellow Sen. Mike Lee. Further, the majority of his endorsements are from Utah Republican leaders of his era, not from Senate colleagues or from Utah voters who can attest to any significant accomplishments over his three decades-plus.

I wonder if Utah voters will cast their ballots for promises and friendships, or if they'll hold out for results.

Larry D. Macfarlane