Pro-life advocates increase, but abortion remains complicated and divisive

Published: Wednesday, June 6 2012 6:26 a.m. MDT

"Anti-abortion is not about these incremental restrictions," she says. "They've always been steps on the way to the ultimate goal of outlawing all abortions." She says some are growing impatient with an incremental strategy.

But there's a winning strategy in the making, says Bordlee, who has litigated pro-life legislation for 17 years.

"Like in every effort, there are different schools of thought," she says. "Some are more aggressive than others, but we have to be careful that aggressive doesn't become reckless."

In her mind, the best laws will be both pro-women and pro-child.

"We really believe you can't separate the two," she says. "What is good for the woman is good for the baby, and we can find more humane ways to help women in unplanned pregnancies than put them through the trauma of abortion and death of their babies."


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