Our take: Fabrice Muamba, a soccer player for the U.K.'s Bolton Wanderers, made headlines when his heart stopped for a full 78 minutes during a soccer match in March. While he was in a coma, a young, African cleaner would come into his room to pray for his recovery. Doctors call his progress miraculous because there is no medical explanation for his survival.

Ever since his heart stopped a full 78 minutes during a match against Tottenham Hotspur in March, soccer player Fabrice Muamba has been in making news in the U.K. with his miraculous survival story.

An ESPN report had quoted Muamba's team doctor, Jonathan Tobin, as saying, "They were working on him without his heart having a muscular beat. In effect, he was dead in that time."

Cardiologist, Dr. Andrew Deaner, said, "If you're going to use the term 'miraculous,' I guess it could be used here."

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