Deseret News readers share gratitude for mothers

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Published: Saturday, May 12 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

My mother has taught me by her words and example that there's a time to cry and there's a time to wipe away the tears, and march boldly on.

While I was going through chemotherapy treatments, she made an embroidered pillow for me with one of my favorite quotes: Always remember I am the rock in your garden. You are the blossom in mine. It sits on my mantle as a reminder of my mother, my rock and my example of courage, strength, faith and love. - Laurie Snow Turner

The most important lesson my mother taught me was one she's learned along the way. I doubt she knows Ive learned this from her; in fact, I wonder if she even knows she's learning it.

In many ways, my mom is just like other moms but in many more, she isnt at all. Thats why we love her. She's quirky with a bold sense of humor. She speaks her mind, but she loves to laugh. She suffers her share of strife, but she's a fighter and works tirelessly to find and spread joy.

My mother has never apologized for who she is. She's aware of her shortcomings, yet she keeps working to be the best she possibly can. She's taught me through example that the only way to find happiness is to be proud of yourself and its nobodys responsibility but mine to get there. - Lindsay Thacker Maxfield

Moms are supposed to watch over their kids. I learned that when we moved to Hawaii when I was 5 and the first night we were in a pretty rickety old house. Mom was helping me take a bath, and when she turned on the water, a lizard came pouring out of the faucet. I was ready to scream bloody murder, but Mom just got a towel and whisked that lizard away.She calmed me down and told me how much fun Hawaii was going to be with all the new creatures to meet. I only found out later that she was scared to death, too. Moms. They start out as heroes and just keep on going. Thanks so much, Mom! - Gayle Higgins

Each day as I would return home, I would open the door and say, "Mom, I'm home." I would then hear my mom's welcoming response from the laundry room, the living room, or occasionally find a note on the table explaining when she would be home. It wasn't until later in my life that I realized the comfort and stability this provided me as I grew up.

One of the things I appreciate most about my mom is her willingness to serve others. This is an admirable quality, but she went a step beyond and involved her children in that service. I can remember taking the meals she cooked to the neighbors and when she would visit some of the elderly people in our neighborhood we were with her. She provided a great legacy to me by her example. - Robert Leifson

We take it for granted: learning how to talk! But I will always be grateful my mom, LeOra Larsen, tried to teach us proper English. She often corrected me and my siblings but made it like a game. If one of us said, My brother and me did something, she would smile and say, Is you brother mean? Or if we said, It is him calling, she would softly say, Oh, I thought it was he! With texting, words are abbreviated and it becomes more difficult to speak in complete sentences and write with correct spelling and punctuation. We still make mistakes. But since our matriarch spoke English so well, we have tried to follow her habit of continually learning and correcting ourselves. She passed away at the age of 102. But well always remember and appreciate her simple lessons of helping us speak and love the English language. - Carolee Larsen Harmon

My mom always did sweet small acts of kindness and encouraged us to find good in others. Once she told me that someone said something nice about me and that I had to tell her something nice about someone else before she would tell me what was said about me. One thing she did for me that warmed my heart was when I was serving and LDS Mission in Liberty Missouri. I was on my second Christmas out and feeling very homesick. The first year, she sent me a cute stocking she had purchased me for Christmas, and I loved it. The second year my dear mom sent me my Christmas stocking that I have had since I was very small. It was made of terry cloth and had a cat on it. The cat had a Santa hat and had a candy cane tail. It was very worn from many years of use. My mom filled it with gifts before she sent it and when I opened it, I cried. I can't remember all that was in the stocking, but I remember the warmth that filled my heart that Christmas because I knew I was still my mom's girl. In my life I have struggled to feel special and significant. My mom is one person who helps me feel like I matter. - Tamara Johnson

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