Deseret News readers share gratitude for mothers

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, May 12 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

The checkout line was my favorite place no cookies, cakes, gum or toys could turn my head, my heart was with the books. A special rack at the checkout was packed full of Little Golden Books.

Other kids would beg for toys, I begged for books. And each week my momma bought me a book. She spent endless hours reading to me.

I ate porridge with Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, went to the ball with Cinderella and many other adventures, all without leaving home.

Now Im a writer, and of all the things my momma has given me, what I appreciate most is the love for reading she inspired in me. - Becky Robinette Wright

Our mother, Mrs. Lota Wilson, lived a life of righteous beauty. When asked at a banquet honoring her for her sacrifice, she was asked how she raised her family of eight children after our father's death. Her answer was simple and humble answer: "I did it on my knees."

When four of her sons returned safely from WWII, her answer to us at a family gathering to give thanks for their return, "I did it on my knees." - Margaret Wilson Turner

What I loved to do most is pick raspberries with my mother.

Early in the a.m., the sun rising in the east, mother and I tied gallon buckets around our waists with yellow baling twine. Mother showed me how to lift the vines gently with a leather glove on the left hand and pick with the right, each berry gently placed in the bucket. She went down one side of the row; I on the other side. Often, the only sounds were rustling leaves and feet moving down the row.

Then, her voice pieced the air: Darrel, bend a bit lower and pick the big hidden ones, hanging on the lower limbs. I kneeled down, careful not to knock the fruit off and there they were, the succulent ones.

This lesson of not overlooking anything, even the berries best hidden, required a bit of bending, much like prayer. - Darrel Hammon

The young girl was carrying soda bottles on her bike when she hit an uneven portion on the sidewalk and fell over right in front of me. All of her bottles broke, and she ended up cutting herself up pretty bad.

I ran inside to get my mother, and she immediately rushed out to come to her aid. She cleaned the girl up, bandaged her and gently helped her back on her bike.

And then my mother did something I will never forget. She reached in her own pocket and gave the girl money to replace the lost soda. We were so poor at that time we could rarely afford soda for ourselves. It was a luxury. My mother was willing to freely share what she could with that injured girl.

That image of compassion and sacrifice on behalf of someone else has never left me. And it influences me to this day. - Ramona Siddoway

I have a picture in my mind of my mother sitting in our Indiana living room in her sleek, beige country-upholstered wingback chair, feet outstretched, sipping hot chocolate and reading a book. (Just kidding about sleek.)

One of the things I appreciate most about my mom is that she helped me become a reader through example and encouragement. Summer outings to the public library with her five unruly kids, sharing with me her old Nancy Drew mysteries, and these days, presenting her grandkids with a new book for each birthday my moms reading hobby has influenced many.

Something important that I have realized as a mother is that whenever I needed anything, my moms book would go straight to her lap. She never made me feel like I was a bother or an interruption. I can appreciate that now when Im engrossed in a book and my four kids vie for my attention. Thanks, Mom, for loving your family and sharing with us your love of reading. - Megan Gladwell

Devastated and afraid, I called my mom to tell her I had breast cancer. After we talked through the shock, she said, Laurie, I know you. I know youre strong and determined, and that you will beat this. I know you will fight with everything youve got, and youll be OK. She said it with such strength and conviction, it inspired me.

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