Our take: Two-year-old Jace McDonald was found underwater in a backyard swimming pool on Super Bowl Sunday. After being put on life support, doctors told his parents he wouldnt survive the ordeal. The McDonalds called on their church and community of believers to pray for Jace, even posting their need on Facebook. When he woke, the prognosis was grim, but only in the doctors' opinion.

Robert McDonald knew God could work all things together for good, according to the promise of Romans 8:28. But a chain of events that began with catastrophe on Super Bowl Sunday has left him and his church family forever changed.

The McDonald family had joined friends to watch the Super Bowl at a home in Amado, Ariz., but all attention turned to 2-year-old Jace when he was found at the bottom of the backyard pool.

No one knew how long the child had been underwater, but he was blue when they pulled him out of the pool.

"We just started doing CPR and praying," Robert McDonald said.

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