Mike Sorensen: Shorter NBA season made it better for everyone

Published: Sunday, May 6 2012 11:56 p.m. MDT

Of course, the chances of the NBA switching to a 66-game season are somewhere between slim and none. Unfortunately it all comes down to money.

Two weeks ago deputy NBA commissioner Adam Silver insisted the league had no plans to shorten the schedule, saying, "If you cut the season shorter, we cut our revenues significantly."

More games are needed to pay the over-priced salaries of the players. Just like the spread-out playoff game schedule (another pet peeve of mine) is needed to get more games on TV and make more money.

But heck, if 82 is great for revenues, why not make it 100 games? How about 164 games? Then everyone could get twice as much money. Yea!

Of course that's absurd. But shortening the schedule by even 16 games a year, would improve the overall NBA product on the floor, save wear and tear on the players and keep a few bucks in the fans' pockets.

We can only dream.

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