Test your knowledge of salads

Published: Tuesday, May 1 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

The weather's getting warmer, and we're thinking of how we'll fit into our summer swimsuits.

Yes, salad days are here. In honor of National Salad Month, here's a trivia test on classic salads.


1. Perfection Salad was invented by:

a. A home cook who won $100 in a national Knox gelatin contest.

b. Julia Child

c. The 1950 Pillsbury Bake-Off winner

d. Weight Watcher's International

2. Caesar salad is named for:

a. Roman emperor Julius Caesar (this is why is calls for romaine lettuce)

b. Caesar Cardini, a chef in Tijuana, Mexico

c. Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

d. Comedian Sid Caesar

3. Caprese salad (or insalata caprese) contains:

a. Caprese cheese

b. Olive oil from the Tropic of Capricorn:

c. Mozzarella cheese

d. Cumin and green chiles

4. Cobb salad is named for:

a. Alfred E. Cobb, chef at the Waldorf Astoria.

b. Bob Cobb, of Hollywood's Brown Derby restaurant

c. Actor Lee J. Cobb

d. Baseball player Ty Cobb

5. Coleslaw is named for:

a. Singer Nat King Cole

b. The nursery rhyme, "Old King Cole"

c. The Dutch term "koolsla," which means cabbage salad.

d. The opposite of "hot slaw."

6. Waldorf salad is named for:

a. Chef Waldorf Spencer

b. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York

c. The Duke of Waldorf

d. The town of Waldorf, Md.

7. Ranch dressing is named for:

a. The Ponderosa Ranch from the TV show, "Bonanza"

b. A fictional Mrs. Ranch

c. A dude ranch called Hidden Valley Ranch

d. The movie, "True Grit"

8. Green Goddess dressing is named for:

a. Green Goblin's girlfriend in Spiderman comic books

b. A play called "The Green Goddess"

c. Actress Loretta Young

d. Cecilia Goddess, owner of the Delmonico

9. What gives Golden Glow salad its "golden glow?"

a. Sugar sprinkled with liqueur and flamed

b. Fluorescent marshmallows

c. Orange- and/or lemon-flavored gelatin

d. Serving it outdoors at sunset


1. A. "Perfection Salad," invented by Mrs. John E. Cooke, took third place in a 1905 recipe contest sponsored by Knox Gelatin. She won $100, quite a sum in 1905. The salad, which contains shredded cabbage, celery, green pepper, pimiento and olive slices suspended in Knox gelatin, was very chic in its day. But 21st century salad eaters have a different idea of "perfection."