Jeff Benedict: Busy wife fills several roles — and doesn't miss a beat

Published: Sunday, April 29 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

It's a bit like when we were in grad school in Boston and we'd go to a party full of strangers getting acquainted by rattling off their degrees. Our culture is full of that sort of thing. We put great value on fancy titles and prestigious letters. "Mother" just isn't considered a sexy title and it comes with no sophisticated letters.

But the sexiest, most sophisticated woman I know is — at her core — a mother.

She is training four young minds to love literature, to be environmentally responsible, to practice sustainable agriculture, to play the piano, to speak Spanish. Most important, she's teaching them how to work and fearlessly chase their dreams.

On our last night in New York, we saw "End of the Rainbow." After the show, we went for a late dinner at Remi.

Give me a beautiful woman, a great restaurant and outdoor seating on a warm night in the city, and I say life doesn't get much better. A lot of that time we talked about women and their roles. By the time we finished, the restaurant was empty. But the waiter said, "Take your time. You've got all night."

I love New York.

Jeff Benedict is the author of "The Mormon Way of Doing Business" and blogs at

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