Results of delegate voting from county political conventions Saturday in Salt Lake and Utah counties:

In most cases, tallies are for the final round of voting, after all but two candidates were eliminated in a first or other earlier round. A candidate receiving 60 percent or more in delegate voting bypasses a primary election and will be on the ballot in November.

In some Salt Lake County GOP races, nominees are listed but vote tallies were not available late Saturday.

** Advances to general election in November.

* Two candidates compete in primary election in June.



County mayor

1st round/2nd round

*Mark Crockett 32% 58%

*Mike Winder 31% 42%

Richard Snelgrove 25%

Merrill Cook 7%

Gary W. Ott 4%

Larry Decker 2%

County Council

At-large C

*Joseph M. Demma 56%

*Melvin D Nimer 44%

Stephen M. "Steve" Harmsen, eliminated

Council District 4

**Missy W. Larsen 61%

Craig A. Ward 39%

Rainer Huck, eliminated

State Senate

District 6

**Wayne A. Harper 71%

Brandon Baker 29%

District 8

**Brian Shiozawa, to general election

Lee Brinton, eliminated

Jaren L. Davis, eliminated

Raymond Poole, eliminated

District 10

**Aaron V. Osmond (inc.) 83%

Aleta Andersen Taylor 17%

House of Representatives

District 26

**Andres Paredes, to general election

Bryan Smith Farnsworth, eliminated

District 31

*K. Ryan Jenkins, primary election

*Fred C Johnson, primary election

District 32

**LaVar Christensen (inc.) 68%

Austin Linford 32%

District 33

**Craig Hall, to general election

Ella Duke-Baxter, eliminated

Kimly C Mangum, eliminated

Marlin K Baer, eliminated

District 35

Casey R Fitts, to general election

Steve Anderson, eliminated

District 36

**Dana Dickson, to general election

Brady L. Curtis, eliminated

District 40

**Grace Sperry, to general election

Lee Howard, eliminated

District 41

**Dan McCay, to general election

Jason Bible, eliminated

District 42

**Jim Bird (inc.), to general election

John M. Scott, eliminated

District 43

**Earl Tanner, to general election

Peggy Jo Kennett, eliminated

Ben Watson, eliminated

District 46

**Wyatt J. Christensen, to general

Lee Anne Walker, eliminated

N. William Clayton, eliminated

District 50

**Rich Cunningham 68%

Merlynn T. Newbold (inc.) 31%

Steven Roberts, eliminated

District 52

**John Knotwell 73%

Joseph Ross 12%

Michelle Facer Baguley 10%

Jewel Skousen 5%



County mayor

**Ben McAdams 61.5%

Ross I. Romero 38.5%

County Council

District 4 1st round/2nd round

**Sam F. Granato 44.6% 60.5%

Deb Henry 20.6% 39.5%

Paul C. Nielson 19.2%

Jeff Hatch 15.7%

State Senate

District 8

*Ty McCartney 50.4%

*Josie Valdez 49.6%

R Scott Baker, eliminated

House of Representatives

District 24

**Rebecca Chavez-Houck(inc.)95.1%

Richard N. Goldberger 4.9%

District 26

**Angela Romero 71.8%

Brian Doughty (inc.) 28.2%

District 33

*Liz Muniz 53.6%

*Neal B Hendrickson (inc.) 46.4%



County Commission

*Larry A. Ellertson (inc.) 55%

*Lome W. Grierson 45%

John D. Morris, eliminated

Larry B. Hunter, eliminated

State Senate

District 7

**Deidre Henderson 74%

Glen W. Roberts 26%

District 14

**John L. Valentine (inc.) 65%

Craig A. Frank 35%

House of Representatives

District 6

*Jake Anderegg 59%

*Seth Moore 41%

David Sindt, eliminated

Sean Hullinger, eliminated

District 27

*Sarah Nitta 58%

*Mike Kennedy 42%

Larry Hilton, eliminated

Nancy Herbert Sechrest, eliminated

Ross Ford, eliminated

District 48

*Keven J. Stratton 57%

*Taz Murray 42%

Steve White, eliminated

Taylor Oldroyd, eliminated

Dani Hartvigsen, eliminated

District 56

*Christy Kane 58%

*Kay J Christofferson 42%

District 57

**John Glen Stevens 57%

Brian M. Greene 49%

Deanne Taylor, eliminated 1st round

District 60

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*Bradley Daw (inc.) 50.2%

*Dana Layton 49.8%

Jacob A.J. Siebach, eliminated

District 66

**Mike McKell 68%

Kyle Roberts 32%

Carolina Herrin, eliminated 1st round

Robert A. Milton, eliminated 1st round

District 67

**Marc Roberts 64%

Jim Griffin 36%

Keith Mitchell, eliminated 1st round

John C. Ryan, eliminated 1st round

Richard Behling, eliminated 1st round