Fame and fortune: the new focus of TV for kids

Published: Thursday, April 12 2012 9:21 p.m. MDT

Uhls also emphasizes discussing hard work with children, and watching their television alongside them. Not all television shows are created equal when it comes to presenting fame, she said. "If you're going to watch a reality show, try and watch one that reflects the work. The ones that show you behind-the-scenes hard work can teach kids."

Uhls also hopes parents will help to foster the 'community feeling' that has been largely lost in the television world. "I think being part of a group sort of teaches you it's not just about one person," she said.

"My daughter is on a volleyball team, and my son plays basketball." Both have learned not to hog the ball. "If there's one person trying to be a star, the team won't work."

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