Dick Harmon: Former BYU star's son Jordan Chatman is a chip off the ol' block

Published: Wednesday, April 4 2012 4:52 p.m. MDT

"I was a guy that had to be fed the ball," said Jeff. "He's the kind of player who can feed the ball and make others better."

There is a stark contrast in father and son between the baselines. Jeff is nothing like Jordan, a 6-4 ball-handler and passer who can bury shots from the NBA 3-point stripe, has great court vision and plays with his eyes up high. Folks say Jordan's basketball IQ is perfect for a backcourt quarterback and playmaker.

"It was really an honor for Jordan to be named the best player in the state, especially with all those athletes from the Seattle area. It was a thrill," said Jeff.

In coming days, his son will put basketball on the back burner, take up a white shirt and tie and prepare for a foreign land with a different language and customs.

For that job, the father easily defines his son's qualifications for the work at hand.

"I like how he treats everybody. He treats everybody the same. He doesn't see himself as a superstar athlete. He's good with children and adults; he's really quiet and humble and he is serious about the gospel. He's been set on going on a mission since he was a child and he is very excited about his call."

And so another generation of Chatmans begin a path of post-high school play that couldn't be more different.

The father came to BYU a non-LDS athlete who wanted a chance to prove himself on the court. The son will set aside everything in his life to preach and teach, the first in his family to face that challenge before anything else.

It won't be until 2014 that Jordan will step into a Cougar uniform and begin the journey his father once did as a Division I basketball player.

But for today, in Newport, in an extended Chatman family spring break, the "Js" definitely do have it going.

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