One Final Four game gets more attention

By Jim O'Connell

Associated Press

Published: Saturday, March 31 2012 9:19 a.m. MDT

There have been other Final Fours like 1991 when undefeated UNLV and Duke met in the semifinals. After the Blue Devils stunned the Runnin' Rebels, coach Mike Krzyzewski was running around the court stopping his players from celebrating and admonishing them that they "had another game to go."

In 1996, Calipari and Pitino had a situation similar to the one they are in this season. Calipari's Massachusetts team and Pitino's Kentucky squad had spent a combined 15 weeks on top of the poll. The Mississippi State-Syracuse game didn't draw much attention compared to the first Pitino-Calipari Final Four meeting.

"Well, the two best teams that year played in that semifinal. They shouldn't have," Calipari said Friday. "Now they've redone the tournament so those two teams only face each other in the final game, the 1 and 2 seed."

That still doesn't keep one semifinal game from drawing more attention than the other.

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