G. Donald Gale: FCC should stick to its original purpose and regulate decency

G. Donald Gale

Published: Friday, March 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

My colleagues in the communication world disagree, of course. They take the easy way out. But there should be at least one avenue of popular communication where higher standards are required — where the audience can tune to even the most stupid programs (there are many) without hearing language abused or good taste assaulted.

Programmers also disagree with me. They don't want the responsibility of setting standards. They claim the "market" will take care of it — a position most of us know to be nonsense. The "market" includes children, advertisers and too many viewers who have never made the effort to cultivate taste. Children have no say in the market. Advertisers favor quantity over quality. And tasteless viewers are content to justify their own inadequacies.

Deregulation is a poor excuse for debasing the English language.

G. Donald Gale has spent 50 years studying, teaching and working in book publishing, magazines, newspapers, television and radio.

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