Having attended my precinct caucus March 15, I observed the grassroots process up close and personal. The caucus was valuable to me in that I learned what my neighbors were concerned about: Hill Air Force Base jobs, the economy, and conservative principles that value freedom from both federal and state domination.

Sen. Orrin Hatch is their candidate of choice because it is believed his seniority is our best chance of saving Hill Air Force Base jobs and the economy and because he has high marks for conservative and freedom protecting values. It also helps his cause that his primary opponent was involved in passing state legislation allowing the state too much control of city or local issues, limiting our freedoms.

I support Hatch by default but wonder why, in his original intent to not be a career politician, the good senator has not mentored and supported others to serve in this position? The lack of integrity in government goes to this core, that men seek their own purposes and not that which is in the best interest of the people they supposedly represent.

There really are others who would do as well, if not better than Hatch has done. We must have faith in that or no faith at all in our future. I lament that fairness is not more important than seniority, favoritism or personal bias is in our society.

Darrel R. Thompson


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