Thoughtful veto of sex education bill

Published: Friday, March 16 2012 9:48 p.m. MDT

How and what we teach our children about human sexuality in our public schools is an issue of vital public trust. Although this year's bill on the issue followed a regular and timely legislative process, our sense is that the public felt the issue passed them by without a full vetting. Because of the need for broader agreement and understanding and the need to provide parents with more and better options in their partnership with schools on this topic, we appreciate more time and deliberation on the issue. We believe that more discussion will provide better results and better understanding about aims on which most of Utah's families can agree. It is with that hope for better results that we welcome Gov. Gary Herbert's veto of HB363, not to punish good intentions, but to ensure the kind of deliberation that will secure the best results.

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