This home on the northeast corner of Munson and Partridge streets in Nauvoo, Ill., once belonged to Elder Heber C. Kimball. Because of the Saints' exodus from Nauvoo to the West, the Kimball family only lived in the home for about five months.

The lower section on the right was added after the LDS period of Nauvoo history, and subsequent owners occupied the home until LeRoy Kimball, a great-grandson of Heber C. Kimball, bought it in the 1950s and restored it. He restored the home and furnished it with period furniture.

Much interest in Nauvoo as a historical site was generated by this project, and Nauvoo Restoration Inc. was instituted. LeRoy Kimball lead that organization for a number of years.

After significant efforts were made in restoring Nauvoo to how it might have been back in the 1840s, NRI was dissolved in 2011 and the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Historic Sites Committee assumed the general responsibilities of NRI.