Heder is riding high thanks to 'Napoleon Dynamite'

By Barbara Curtin

Salem (Ore.) StatesmanJournal

Published: Monday, Feb. 20 2012 7:59 p.m. MST

His regular voice is several steps removed from his "Napoleon" voice, which he described as "very relaxing, a tired waking-up sound."

Heder slumps in his elegant upholstered chair and his chin sags. "No, I don't want to do that," he whines.

"It's like slipping back into my childhood," Heder adds in his own voice.

A big goal of his has been to work with his twin brother, Dan, and older brother, Doug, on developing film projects. But those efforts are on the back burner for now while Heder rides acting for as far as it will take him.

Even at 34, he doesn't find it hard to channel "Napoleon."

"It's the work I was most proud of," he says. "I feel like I owned it."

But he gets a little tired of walking down the street and having people ask him to do a line or shouting lines back at him.

"It's good that they love the show … but I've done other stuff," he says ruefully.

He voices what he'd like to say but doesn't: " 'Aren't you curious about who played 'Napoleon'?' "

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