Recent events and actions of my colleagues have left me thoroughly perturbed. In a largely Republican community, criticism of Democrats is inevitable, perhaps even necessary and right under the First Amendment. But when civil disagreement turns to gross disrespect, a problem arises.

Why are my colleagues still talking about President Obama's birth certificate? Why can't they accept the fact that Romney really is a good person? Why is he still being scrutinized? Because nobody can dig up any dirt on him? We should be rejoicing to finally have such a moral leader. Now people are claiming that he doesn't have personality?

Nobody seems to care if Obama has a good personality or not because they can't seem to get past his health care plan. And why do we care about Newt Gingrich's imperfect personal life? We need to show a little respect for our leaders that became leaders for the purpose of improving our country. So go read up on some of Obama's policies or take a look at Romney's tax returns before you embarrass yourself by saying something unintelligent, thus hammering the final nail in your coffin of ignorance.

Christopher Webb