Sharp shooters: As the men's game focuses on dunking, women are shooting free throws better

Published: Monday, Feb. 13 2012 9:01 p.m. MST

"I don't think that has anything to do with it," he said. "If you're down one with two seconds to go, it doesn't matter if it's 10,000 people watching or 1,000 people, the pressure is to want to perform in that moment. I think there's people who handle pressure and those who don't handle pressure."

If basketball players could just emulate Warburton's approach to foul shooting, they'd all be a lot better.

"The way I used to look at it, it's just free points," she said. "It's just me, the ball and the basket. Sure the pressure can be different, depending on the game situation, but it's the same shot every time."

For men or women.


Free throw percentage

BYU Women 72.7

Men 71.0

Utah Women 72.0

Men 66.2

Utah State Women 76.5

Men 71.3

Utah Valley Women 70.1

Men 67.1

Weber State Men 81.0

Women 62.3

Southern Utah Men 72.5

Women 71.3

85 percent club

Top career free throw percentage among Utah collegians

Ryan Toolson, Utah Valley 2006-09 94.4 percent

*Morgan Warburton, Utah 2005-09 88.3

Jimmer Fredette, BYU 2007-11 88.1

*Jamie Peterson, Weber State 2000-02 87.9

Michael Smith, BYU 1984-89 87.8

Tony Brown, Utah State 1999-02 87.0

Jeff Monaco, SUU 1997-2001 87.0

Eddie Gill, Weber State 1998-00 86.6

Damian Lillard, Weber State 2008-present 86.4

*Devyn Christensen, Utah State 2009-12 86.2

Jaycee Carroll, Utah State 2005-08 86.2

Davis Baker, SUU 2007-10 85.7

Wayne Estes, Utah State 1963-65 85.6

Jimmy DeGraffenreid, WSU 1991-96 85.4

Davor Marcelic, SUU 1989-92 85.4

*Julie Krommenhoek, Utah 1994-97 85.1

Keith Van Horn, Utah 1993-97 85.1

Vince Washington, Utah State 1984-85 85.1

*women's playerF.T. percentage

BYU Women 72.6

Men 71.5

Utah Women 73.0

Men 66.5

Utah State Women 76.7

Men 70.8

Utah Valley Women 70.6

Men 68.3

Weber State Men 81.0

Women 62.1

Southern Utah Men 72.6

Women 71.6

85 percent club

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