To conceive or not to conceive: Administration takes heat over contraceptives

Published: Friday, Feb. 3 2012 4:08 p.m. MST

Despite Romney's words, C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League told the Boston Globe Romney has a "very mixed record" on the contraception issue. In 2005, the former governor of Massachusetts required all Massachusetts hospitals, including Catholic ones, to provide emergency contraception to rape victims. Romney did veto the law, but after his veto was overruled he told Boston Globe that "in his heart of hearts’’ he believed that rape victims should have access to emergency contraception.

“The initial injury to Catholic religious freedom came not from the Obama administration but from the Romney administration," Doyle said. “President Obama’s plan certainly constitutes an assault on the constitutional rights of Catholics, but I’m not sure Governor Romney is in a position to assert that, given his own very mixed record on this.’’

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