FLDS meet, prepare but for what?

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 27 2011 7:13 p.m. MST

This week, Brower obtained copies of purported revelations and prophesies attributed to Jeffs in November. They say, among other things, "I am soon to cleanse all nations. … Let this be as a final warning."

Brower said the message seems to focus on Jeffs' imprisonment.

"The end is coming," Brower paraphrased the documents, "and unless they let God's servant, Warren, free, everybody will be punished. The people of the Earth will be punished."

Wyler said many members of his former church take such statements literally.

"These people honestly believe that the end is here and that everybody's going to be destroyed within the next few days," he said.

Wyler had an encounter Tuesday that underlines rising tensions in the FLDS community.

He said he was delivering notices of unpaid property taxes to many FLDS residences on behalf of a court-appointed fiduciary whose authority is not accepted by FLDS leaders. As he went through the community posting the notices, Wyler said he was attacked by "FLDS teens throwing rocks."

Wyler said he called police, even though no one was hurt.

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