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This article about a creche display at a Mormon chapel in British Columbia was one of several in the news this week.

A Oklahoma missionary couple found themselves, in their own words, "speechless" in Hungary, according to the Enid News and Eagle.

“I am told it is the third-hardest language to learn,” Elder Michael Scott said. “For me, I think it is as hard as classes in medical school.”

Scott and his wife, Janice, are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are currently serving in Eger, about two hours east from Budapest. There, the couple teaches an English class, while simultaneously trying to learn Hungarian.

Bishop George Curtis of their home ward in Enid, Okla., receives updates from the couple.

“They are very inspiring and impressive to us,” Curtis stated in the article. “It takes great dedication and sacrifice to spend two years in a foreign country learning the language and the culture. It takes great faith and is an example of Christ-like service. They are an inspiration to our whole congregation and community.”

Another missionary made the news in his hometown of Vienna Township, Mich. Ryan Jones talked of his Southern California mission experience to

“It was great. It was really awesome. Sometimes it was tough, though,” he said. “Something that I learned a lot was to trust in God. There were a lot of trials, too. … They put you in an area and give you a planner and let you make your own plans on how to find people.”

In holiday news, numerous holiday crÈche and nativities will be displayed in LDS meeting houses in Newcastle, Wash.; Penticton, British Columbia; Fort St. John, British Columbia; and Rockford, Ill.

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Also, Donny and Marie Osmond aren't the only Osmonds still singing. Brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay Osmond are performing this weekend at Lake Michigan College's Mendel Center, according to the South Bend Tribune.

"We're going to take people through a little bit of a journey through time," Jay Osmond told the paper about Saturday's Osmond Brothers concert. "And we're going to show some videos and we're obviously going to (hear) some Christmas music. But we're going to take people through what we've learned over the years.