Book review: 'Overtaking' sci-fi novel is an enjoyable, easy read

By Lauren Zachary

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, Oct. 22 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

"THE OVERTAKING," by Victorine E. Lieske, $14.95, 288 pages

Victorine E. Lieske is an self-publishing Mormon author from Nebraska who obtained unexpected success with her first novel, "Not What She Seems," which was originally published in Kindle format in April 2010. After her first novel became a New York Times best-seller, Lieske tried her hand at another novel, this time in the sci-fi genre titled "The Overtaking."

"The Overtaking" is the first book in a series concerning a small planet called Maslonia that is in the process of being overtaken by the Dykens. It begins with the main character Shayne Bartlet discovering his mom had been taken in the lastest raid by the Dykens. Vowing to do all he can to bring his mom back and stop the Dykens from taking over the planet, he joins the battle and gets kidnapped himself.

Soon he is living life at a college prep school and all his previous memories of life and his identity before his kidnapping are erased, not knowing that everything isn't as normal as it seems to be. But then he meets Danielle. Soon his telepathic powers resurface and he finds out that she is not what she says she is.

Danielle fully believes in the Dyken cause and doesn't question any explanations her government gives her. Her job consists of kidnapping the Maslonians, observing them in their new environment and reporting anything that may go wrong. Then she falls for Shayne, a Maslonian boy. When his life is thrown in danger and his memory is threatened to become erased once more, she goes against orders to protect him.

Together, along with a few other Dykens and Maslonians, they discover that nothing is what it seems. As the government's plan is unveiled of the intent to raid the Maslonian planet not only of its vegetation and riches, Danielle and Shayne must band together to stop the Dyken government from destroying the planet and to free the Maslonians.

Despite the fact that the romance began as cliche, I was soon caught into the novel by the complex storyline and the roles of the different characters as they were woven back and forth throughout the novel.

The sci-fi setting fit neatly with the storyline as both races were humans with either supernatural powers or advanced technology. "The Overtaking" is an enjoyable easy read that ends on a cliff-hanger.

Lauren Zachary is a recent college graduate from Southern Utah University with an English degree. She currently works at a local library.

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