Gov. Gary Herbert convenes meeting on innovation, individual responsibility for health care

Published: Saturday, Oct. 1 2011 12:26 a.m. MDT

Panelists, which included representatives from Utah businesses, health care industries and government, will continue to meet over the next several months to develop a comprehensive approach to health care reform in Utah.

Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen called the undertaking "a daunting challenge," but one that can be solved.

"Almost every industry has confronted this problem," he said, referring to the need for heightened quality, lower costs and more access to health care.

"The solution almost always emerges from people who use it to solve the simple issues," he said in a video message to the group. "You have to have the faith to get those problems solved."

Christensen said that instead of expecting hospitals to become cheaper or clinicians to take a pay cut, technological options should be presented in lower-cost settings, such as out-patient clinics.

"I have often said Utah's greatest natural resource is its people," Herbert said. "I have tremendous confidence that by harnessing the collective intelligence and good will of the stakeholders in the health care realm, we can improve upon our current reform efforts, continue to guide the national debate, and find new solutions which will improve the lives of Utahns, and, potentially, people all over the world."


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