KAYSVILLE — An old landmark came down in Kaysville Wednesday, but not many are shedding tears over it. Instead of sad goodbyes, it's more like good riddance.

A few decades ago, the Far West Motel might have been a place where a person would be proud to stay. The motel, located at 410 N. Main, was demolished to make way for 37 town houses, courtesy of new owners.

"You know, I think it's a little bit iconic, and you always are nostalgic for things that have been here a long time," said Taylor Dudley, of Taylor Scott Partners LLC. "But I think it's the future, and I think the community will be happy with what we're doing."

No one will miss the kind of action the place has been noted for in recent years.

Kaysville police say they've seen their share of problems: drug use, family fights, thefts, overdoses, drunk and disorderly conduct. As the motel shifted from travelers to long-term residents, police say it attracted criminals and people down on their luck.

"In the time that it was built, it was a very nice motel," said Kaysville Fire Chief Brett Larkin. "I think over the years they attempted to keep it up, but in the recent years it's kind of seemed rundown."

The worst recent episode happened about six months ago. In Unit 21, a man who was killed was found lying on the bed.

The new owners are looking ahead to a future that's different from the past.

"Hopefully it's quite a change," Dudley said. "Hopefully we have young children playing at the ‘tot-lot' and people sitting out in the summers having barbecues, and in the winters they're having snowball fights."

John Hollenhorst