Joseph Smith descendant's conversion inspires music

Published: Saturday, April 9 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

She and her son started doing firesides in 2000 and have continued for the past 11 years. In their firesides, they sing songs they created about the Smith family and talk about the importance of having the Savior and Holy Ghost as a focal point in life, and of family unity.

Since August 2009, the two have been doing firesides full-time and consequently travel all over the country. They earn some income off of book and CD sales, and non-church-related concerts.

"We always get what we need and never a great deal more and never a great deal less," Kimberly Smith said of their income.

When asked if he and his mother get tired of giving firesides, Davis said, "You get weary. Physically, you get really weary, but as far as do I ever get tired of doing it, no."

Davis said one of his favorite parts of giving firesides happens when people come up to him afterward and tell him that one of their ancestors was Joseph's neighbors, or bodyguards, or his best friend and so on.

"It makes it almost like a family reunion," he said.

Kimberly Smith and her son's CD, "The Ties that Bind," and other products of theirs can be purchased at


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