Mormon Media Observer: It’s time for 'The Book of Mormon' the musical

Published: Monday, Feb. 21 2011 6:00 a.m. MST

Mormonism, as I have written, doesn’t ask me to believe Joseph Smith blindly. To do so would be to insult my freedom as a human being. Mormonism asks me to ask God through prayer, which millions of people have done, including me. LDS.org’s new Mormon Messages video about the dedication of the Kyiv Ukraine Temple shows the beauty and power of these experiences.

Stone, another of the writers, compares all religion to Star Wars – it's just a story. Religion, in his reading, is sort of like a giant Star Trek convention – but a pathetic convention. Trekkers at least know they believe in a fiction when they gather to talk of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Give me a break.

The power of my religion comes not from the fact it contains good and important stories, which it does. The power comes because they are true stories. My students wouldn’t make the sacrifices they have made for fan fiction. It bothers me to say their general happiness is from a delusion.

So, I conclude not so much to a Mormon audience. Instead, I conclude to the one person or two who would see "The Book of Mormon" musical and wishes to understand what Mormons are and stumbles on this column.

The seriousness of Mormon belief starts with a question: What if Joseph Smith really did walk from the woods with golden plates?

If he did, it would mean angels walk the earth, there is life after death, families could be eternal, existence is fundamentally just, God exists, there is meaning in life, peace is possible, prophets have come again and Jesus truly rose from the dead.

The Book of Mormon, therefore, is to me is a lot better than any musical could ever be.

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