Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality deep-snapper.

BYU sure won’t, not after the 2003 season. That year, the team saw an uncommon amount of difficulties in getting the ball snapped during punts and kicks, which played a large hand in some early season losses.

BYU secured a quality deep-snapper with the commitment of Pine View’s Kolton Donovan, Wednesday. After his performance on junior day, coaches quickly came forward with an offer.

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“He’s really focused on long-snapping, and it’s a very underrated part of any football team,” said Pine View coach Ray Hosner. “He’ll be a great one for sure, as he’s really worked hard on that part of his game.”

“He’s a very accurate long-snapper with a mound of potential,” said’s Chris Rubio. “Really look forward to him letting the ball go, and using his frame to his advantage.”

Fans often overlook deep-snapping as a specialized task. It’s something fans don’t want to notice. If it goes unnoticed, one can readily assume it’s going fine.