CEDAR HILLS — Police are looking to question a man accused of following and harassing a woman for several miles, from Lehi to Cedar Hills, on her way to visit family Thursday evening.

And because the woman, Patti Moore, was able to get a photo of the man with her cell phone when he got out of his car to approach her in front of her grandchildrens' house, American Fork Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow believes there's a good chance the public can help bring this guy in for "a good chat to hear his side of the story."

Moore, who is visiting Utah from Washington, told KSL she isn't sure what she did to make the man so upset but believes whatever might have inadvertently occurred probably happened at a traffic light near Cabela's on state Route 92, because that's where the man allegedly honked and started his nine-mile pursuit, following closely and making obscene gestures toward her along the way.

When Moore arrived at the house in Cedar Hills, she said the man pulled up behind her, about half a block away.

"I stayed in my car for a minute, zipped up my purse and got my phone ready so I could take a picture of him if he got out," Moore said. "All this time I was worried that my grandchildren were watching or would come out of the house to run and say 'hi' to me. I finally got out and he got out at the same time and started walking up to me."

That's when Moore snapped a quick shot with her phone.

She said the man confronted her and was yelling and cursing, saying things like what he was doing was "perfectly legal" and that he is a good man with a wife and kids.

According to Moore, the man also flashed his driver's license in front of her at one point and dared her to take a photo of it.

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The man's car, which can be seen in the background of the photo, is believed to be a Volkswagen Passat, possibly a 1998-2001 model, and possibly with the numbers 231 on its license plate.

Ludlow wouldn't say what charges, if any, may be pending for the man because it's still an active investigation but said, "We'd definitely like to find him. Anytime you get this kind of anger and emotion in a situation, it can be a dangerous thing."

Anyone with information to the man's identity is being asked to call American Fork police at 801-763-3020.

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