10 Internet browsers that aren't Internet Explorer

By Travis Poppleton

For the Deseret News

Published: Thursday, June 9 2011 6:09 p.m. MDT

K-Meleon is that browser for retro users who still like vinyl records and drink Ovaltine for breakfast. It’s a browser that runs smoothly on older hardware and has a design that will make veteran Internet users dream of simpler times and eight-bit wonderment.

Users who make demands for things like features and logistics, well this isn’t for them. But for those who dreamed of a day when Netscape navigator or IE 4 would run at the the speeds of 2011, this may just be that Cracker Jack prize you were looking for.


This list of 10 Internet browsers that aren’t Internet Explorer ends with SeaMonkey for no other reason than its glorious name.

Before Firefox really broke out as its own browser, it was part of an all-in-one application called Mozilla. Within Mozilla, users could edit HTML, check email, chat with friends and of course, browse the Web.

Well, SeaMonkey keeps that dream alive and does so with a much cooler name. Still powered by Mozilla, and borrowing heavily from existing applications, SeaMonkey’s claim to fame is the one-stop application for all your online needs.

It’s definitely a niche group that will be seeking out this kind of solution, but if someone doesn’t like cluttering up his or her application manager, SeaMonkey has the goods.

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