Dick Harmon: Casper has some advice for Tiger Woods: it takes time

Published: Monday, May 23 2011 11:16 p.m. MDT

Casper knows how it affected him and he hopes players who make that team will feel the same these days.

"Usually you are playing for yourself, you are playing medal play, you are playing a match play but in that three-day tournament you are playing a combination of both," he said. "Until I played on the Ryder Cup, I often wondered how I'd play if I were on the team and it was such a great challenge. I made the Ryder Cup for 16 straight years. I was on eight Ryder Cups back in the time there were no captain's choices; you had to earn your way on."

Today, Casper has won the most points of any player on an American Ryder Cup team.

"You represented yourself, other members of the team, your captain and the highlight of it all was you represented your country," he said. "And if you can't get up to play for those things, there is something wrong with you."

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