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Published: Tuesday, April 26 2011 5:30 a.m. MDT

Returning to Utah with the gift of a moonflower in the back of her car, Hall begins another journey, one of self-discovery. The moonflower is given a place of honor in her yard and becomes the impromptu gathering place for neighbors, friends and family on summer evenings. As time passes, Hall recognizes the moonflower gives much more than beauty to her life — it gives her long-sought answers and changes her.

Readers who are absorbed in TV, modern conveniences and life’s busyness may question the reality of Hall’s conversations with a night-blooming flower. Most will find a deeper meaning and satisfaction in “Conversations With a Moonflower,” and, yes, will want their own.

— Norma King

 * * * * *

"THE MOTHER'S MITE: Why Even Our Smallest Efforts Matter," by DeAnne Flynn, Deseret Book, $18.99, 145 pages (nf)

Like the New Testament story of the widow's mite in Mark 12, many times the quiet  and unselfish offerings of mothers may seem small or insignificant.

"I have come to realize that it's very often the little things that make the biggest difference in our lives and the lives of our family members," writes DeAnne Flynn in "The Mother's Mite." Hence, the "mother's mite" are offerings of seemingly insignificant things that can help those in our homes feel loved. She shares more than two dozen stories of women and mothers, both recent and from her family history, that show offerings from optimism to zeal and memories to self-sufficiency.

The stories all share how a woman, using her own talents or ingenuity, made a joyful difference in the life of at least one of her family members, whether it was through shiny pennies or watching a child walk down the street to the bus stop.

Flynn also provides a handful of recipes.

"... Even out poorest, most pathetic little offerings can have a profoundly powerful effect upon the lives of those we love," concludes Flynn.

— Christine Rappleye

 * * * * *

"WOMEN OF HOPE: Giving Voice to Your Heart," various artists, Shadow Mountain Records

LDS musicians, including Hilary Weeks, Cheri Call and Mercy River, share their talents on a new CD for women — "Women of Hope." The dozen original songs include "By Our Love" by Katherine Nelson, "Light of Hope" by Mercy River, "My Favorite Dream" by Cherie Call.

"Women of Hope," which was produced by Tyler Castleton with Kurt Bestor, comes from part of the same team that produced the "Women of Destiny" albums 10 years ago.

"Women of Hope" includes soothing songs that can help lift and help on any day of the week.

— Christine Rappleye

 * * * * *

"ABISH: Mother of Faith," by K.C. Grant, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 273 pages (f)

Those who enjoy fiction based on the Book of Mormon and the development of characters from the Book of Mormon will thoroughly enjoy K.C. Grant’s newest novel, "Abish: Mother of Faith."

The story line surrounds the actual Lamanite woman, Abish, who is mentioned in Alma 19, and is a continuation of the author’s first novel in the series, “Abish, Daughter of God.”

While, “Abish, Daughter of God," centers around the beginning of her life, “Abish: Mother of Faith”, explores the time later on, particularly focusing on her role as wife and mother.

The book is driven by rich character development. The writing encourages the reader to become invested in the direction of the characters lives throughout the narrative.

One great feature of the story is its promotion of the conversion to and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is mostly shown through the eyes of Abish, who faces her own trials of faith such as loneliness and loss. The plot carries the story of Abish well, with the long-awaited birth of her twins, the death of her husband and ultimately to her best role as mother of a stripling warrior.

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