The Top 20 things that need to be changed in the world of sports

By Trevor Amicone

For the Deseret News

Published: Thursday, March 31 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

The National League is literally the only league in all of baseball that doesn’t have a DH. From Little League to high school and on up through college baseball and the minor leagues, there is the option to have a DH. Having pitchers hit for themselves is embarrassing, both for the pitchers themselves and baseball fans. It fuels the pro-soccer argument that says that baseball players aren’t athletes.

14. Overhaul the NFL overtime rules

Either do it like college football where the two teams start at the 25-yard-line and go in until someone wins. That is some of the most entertaining TV in the world. The current regular-season rules leave the game up to a coin toss. Ask players how frustrating it is to lay their athletic lives on the line for 60 minutes and then have the game, which they’ve worked so hard to win, decided by a coin toss. Not to mention, the possibility of ending in a tie, which automatically and technically makes the game not a sport. The playoff rules are getting closer, but they are so contrived that it almost makes it not football any more. Just play it the way college football does it.

13. Give the automatic qualifications for the NCAA basketball tournament to the regular-season conference champions, not the conference tournament winners

You might as well not even have a regular season if you’re just going to throw it out the window come March and give an automatic bid to a team who gets a little hot or happens to play a conference tournament in its hometown. It’s more exciting to give the automatic bids to the tournament winners, but you end up giving three or four bids a year to teams that don’t deserve them.

12. Make basketball players go to college at least three years, like in football, before they can get drafted

I can hear John Calipari screaming in protest right now. It is a sham to let a kid take a scholarship from someone else when the university and coaches know that he is not going to be there for more than a year.

11. Either eliminate the first round of the NBA playoffs or make it a best-of-5 first round and a best-of-5 second round

Let’s face it, it’s not like there’s close to enough parity in the NBA to fill 16 slots in the playoffs anyway. Even if you did want to still have 16 teams in the NBA playoffs, you wouldn’t have to worry about a No. 8-seed beating a No. 1-seed in a short five-game series because, once again, there is no parity in the league.

10. Get rid of the first-round bye in the NFL playoffs

Do it however you want. Add another two wildcards in each league. In the professional league with the most parity, two more wildcards would not be a problem. The people that may want this most are the players and coaches of the teams who “earn” first round byes in the playoffs.

In the last six years, the teams who had first round byes are 12-12 against teams who won the week before. Those teams without first-round byes are coming off of wins and they are in a rhythm that the teams who had first-round byes aren't. In those same six years, four of the six Super Bowl Champions didn't have first-round byes.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see the best teams in the Super Bowl. Right now, those teams are being knocked out in their first playoff games by teams who are hot. Add two wildcards and let the one and No. 2-seeds play those teams in the first rounds.

9. Find a way to eliminate the plague of entitlement among college athletes

Urban Meyer now lists one of the main reasons he retired this past season as the overwhelming entitlement of the athletes he was dealing with. The press conferences held for high school football players to announce their commitments is a symptom of this entitlement. Our latest symptom comes from the NBA where players like James and Carmelo Anthony want to dictate where they will play while they are still under contract with another team. This will become an uncontrollable plague if we don’t figure out a way to stop it soon.

8. Have the team in the World Series with the best record have home field advantage