Condition of our hearts determines our destiny

Published: Sunday, Feb. 13 2011 5:00 a.m. MST

Next, I might accept that the Lord can do a lot more with my life than I can, and if I cut out the ability to feel his Spirit and his love, I will live a cold and empty life.

Third, regardless of what comes into my life that may hurt, injure or break my heart, he has the power to heal it and make it whole again.

If he was not capable of doing this, then there is no way I could remain vulnerable and allow my heart to continue to be open and subject to the harmful elements around me. There is nothing greater than knowing he has healed, and will continue to heal, my heart over and over again.

So before we bite into a heart-shaped cookie, candy, brownie, pizza or anything else we have to celebrate this time of year, let us take a moment and assess the condition of our hearts. It will determine our destiny.

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