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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

Near the conclusion of a sacrament meeting, the ward's bishop heard the organist and chorister chatting behind him, and then the chorister leaned forward and handed the bishop a folded piece of paper. This has happened occasionally before, the organist deciding she couldn't play the planned closing hymn, so the chorister suggests a different hymn. Assuming this was the case again, the bishop held onto the folded note and planned to announce the song change when he stood up to close the meeting.

After the final speaker concluded, the bishop stood at the pulpit, thanked the meeting's speakers, and then said: "We have a change in the closing hymn. It now will be," and he opened the note and read aloud, "Bishop, there's a mouse in the organ — what should I do?"

Submitted by Jay A. Schneider, Taylorsville, Utah

Here is a direct quote from a letter I received from my niece. I thought it was interesting.

"(A relative) shared an interesting story about some of the protesters (at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple open house). Apparently they are hired by some opposing church to stand there and chant. One day one of the protesters said to one of the ushers directing traffic that he needed to use the restroom and could he possibly go inside the church to do so. The usher said, 'Sure, I'll even hold your sign.' The man returned and said, 'I don't assume I would be allowed to go inside the temple.' The man said, 'Sure you can. I'll hold your sign while you go through the tour,' and told him where to go to join a tour group. A little while later the man returned to the usher and said, 'It's not what they told us it was. You can keep the sign,' and he got in his car and drove away.

Interesting, eh?"

Here's one in the same letter, from a nephew:

"There was a boy in the Raft River Ward who did not want to speak on his assigned topic, so spoke instead on the topic of obedience."

Submitted by Berneice Neeley, Salt Lake City

Years ago we visited friends in Charleston, Wasatch County, during the winter. Our son, who was about 3 years old, had never been in the cold weather. We were just getting out of church when our son ran outside. He then came running back in and yelled, "the cows are smoking." This of course got those around laughing. He did not know what happened when you breathe hot air into the cold air.

Submitted by Norm Rasmussen, West Valley, Utah

My 5-year-old grandson and I were playing with Legos. He was building a garage. I was building a temple. He looked at mine and said, "I will finish it for you, Grandma."

He found a yellow Lego and put it on top. That is "Romoni!" he said.

I spelled it out for him to get the proper name. We were both happy.

Submitted by Carol Searle, Midvale, Utah

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