Thursday, Feb. 5:Papers Project: Get an inside look at the Joseph Papers Project today with  \"An Interview with Joseph Smith Papers editors: Part 1 of 2\" and \"Part 2 of 2.\" Learn about what constitutes a \"Joseph Smith Paper,\" how the collaboration is going forward, and plans for future volumes. Fascinating!Public prayers: \"I believe public prayers are not just an expression of my faith, but the entire group's faith.\" So what do you do when you're asked to give a prayer in front of a group full of people with different belief systems? \"Should we pray any differently in larger gatherings where a substantial portion of our audience isn't LDS or even necessarily Christian, than we do in our homes or at Church?\" Check out a thoughtful discussion of these questions surrounding \"Public Prayers.\"Dance memories:  \"No matter how hard you stare at the back of a girl's head she won't walk over and ask you to dance,\" is just one of the hilarious and true-to-life memories about church dances.  Another one: \"There actually are people who are TOO COOL TO DANCE.  I'm not sure how they got that cool, but they're out there.\" So fun! Check out more in this handy guide to  \"Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Groove On At A Church Dance.\"Picture perfect: If you have ever tried to take a sweet picture of energetic child, you will appreciate these  \"5 Easy Steps to Taking Great Pictures\" from a professional photographer. Darling photos accompany the tips, which include \"Focus on the Eyes\" and \"Get Down on Their Level\" and maybe most important, \"Have fun and don't give up!\" Click on over to learn how to make your pictures shine!