PROVO — BYU men's soccer coach Chris Watkins knew heading into the 2008 season that inexperience was going to be a problem.

On Saturday night against Tacoma, Watkins saw that inexperience cost his team dearly as the Tide shut out the Cougars 1-0.

The host Cougars had 11 shots on goal and spent much of the time on the Tide side of the field but were consistently unable to create easy shots.

"We don't quite have the experience," Watkins said. "As much possession as we had, we needed to create easier opportunities."

The Cougars' best chance to score came early in the first half, but Garrett Losee clanked his shot off the top of the goalpost.

The Cougars had other opportunities, especially late in the second half, but were still unable to score.

The Tide's lone score came in the 35th minute when Machael David found Spencer Schomaker all alone streaking down the center of the field.

"Mike just played a great ball," Schomaker said. "I didn't do much."

After that, Schomaker said it was hang-on time.

"You're pretty much fighting for your life," he said. "(The Cougars) had all the momentum."

Watkins said it's passes like the one David completed to Schomaker to create an easy shot that his team was unable to duplicate.

But Watkins admitted the Tide's speed on defense, and not just inexperience, was a major reason his team was unable to get off good shots.

"They were quick," Watkins said. "We weren't able to go over the top and had to play the wide ball."

According to Watkins, the Cougars are still trying to find a way to work through the injuries that are plaguing his team.

Starters Britton Osborne and Aaron Gabbart were both out of action Saturday night, forcing the Cougars to use Richie Bindrup, usually a defender, as a midfielder.

The loss Saturday night gave the Cougars a split in their weekend home stand. Friday night, the Cougars defeated Yakima 2-1. The Cougars will head back on the road next week with a game Tuesday night against Ogden.