The best Jazz season for 3-point shooting was 1999-2000, when they shot 38.5 percent. That year, Jeff Hornacek was second in the NBA with a 47.8 percent, the second-highest percentage in Jazz history.

The worst Jazz season for 3-pointers was 1985-86, when the Jazz were a dreadful 20.1 percent. The Jazz only took 169 3-point shots the entire season, making 35. Bobby Hansen led the team with 17-of-50 that year. Pace Mannion was the only other player to make more than five, going 8-for-42. That was John Stockton's second NBA season and he went 2-for-15.

Stockton made by far the most 3-pointers in Jazz history with 845, more than 300 ahead of second-place Bryon Russell.

Mehmet Okur has the two best seasons for 3-pointers made with 129 in 2006-07 and 114 in 2007-08.

Hornacek has the best career 3-point percentage as a Jazzman, 42.8 percent, slightly ahead of Kyle Korver at 41.6.

Korver set an NBA record by making 53.6 of his 3-pointers in 2009-10, obviously the best in Jazz history.

The worst Jazz 3-point shooter among players who made at least one in their careers was Milt Palacio, who made 1-of-16 (6.3 percent) in 2005-06. That was slightly better than Jerry Eaves (1982-84) and Jim Les (1988-90), who each went 1-for-14 over two seasons.